BackupBuddyVFS for Palm OS

Extra secure method of backing up your Palm's data

With BackupBuddyVFS installed on your organizer, you can effortlessly backup your organizer's critical files to an expansion card. In the event of a loss of data, you can then use BackupBuddyVFS to restore your organizer's data and you no longer need to wait until you have access to your Hotsync cradle!

Key features of the program include:

  • One-touch lightning-fast incremental backup and restore of files to and from an expansion cards
  • Secure backups with optional encryption of backup files
  • Compression of backup files saves space on your expansion cards
  • Checkpoints allow you to keep multiple backup sets on your expansion cards
  • Archiving feature keeps copies of files deleted from the organizer on your expansion card so you can easily locate and reinstalled them if needed (NEW!) (Note: advanced preference only)
  • Multiple device/users are able to backup to the same expansion card (Note: provided their HotSync IDs are distinct)
  • Customize what is backed up or restored
  • Schedule a time every day when BackupBuddyVFS will backup your organizer. You can also set it to backup if you haven't hotsynced in an amount of time of your choosing or auto backup after hotsync
  • Power-off backups allow you to backup every time you power off your organizer
  • Treo 5-Way support throughout means you never have to use the stylus with BackupBuddyVFS

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BackupBuddyVFS Professional 4.3

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